Monday, April 18, 2016

New Beginnings

Hello, hello and hello! It's been an absolute eon since I've sat to give my poor neglected blog some good lovin', and I hardly know where to begin.

So many changes have taken place in my life which I never saw coming and, at the time I didn't want. In hindsight I can see that these changes were desperately needed in order that we may move on with the next chapter in our lives. One of the biggest changes to my day to day was my sudden withdrawal from the papercraft industry that I loved in order to make way for getting our lives back on track. This included my husbands' early retirement from a career and employer he has been with since leaving highschool, packing the bare minimum into a caravan and heading off into the wild blue yonder..

Well all this happened about 7 or 8 months ago, hence the long gap between posts, but here we are back on the coast again about to face yet another major change when we pack up our family home and put it on the market to relocate.

One of the things I have dreamed of doing for many years is to live a more self sufficient eco friendly lifestyle and at last the time has come where we can now see this on the horizon. And I can't wait. I'm excited. I'm full of hope and I'm happy. I'm sure there will be many challenges ahead but I feel re-energized and ready. At last.

So....scrapbooking? I think those days are mostly finished. But I'm not going to close this chapter quite yet. I still love paper.

I have conquered my fear of paint and realise that creatively this is where I need to be headed. I honestly don't know where the hours and days disappear to when I'm working on my art. 

So hopefully I will have many bright colourful things to share on this new adventure and I hope to breathe new life into this crumbling webpage. Starting with today.

I came across some artwork by Juliette Crane probably over 12 months ago now and was completely smitten with her style. I've done lots of other online art classes as well but I keep coming back again and again to this one - Faces Mixed Media Portraits. I love it. I think this is my 4th time through from start to finish.

The above painting was one I started on yesterday, I stopped to pause and take a process photograph then continued on with it well into the wee hours of last night. It's interesting this face has taken on a distinctly native American feel to it now - although I have only painted from my own imagination and not used a reference. I was simply just having fun and this is what happened.

I have no idea what will happen with this one today, whether it will stay on course or head in an entirely new direction but I do know I am looking forward to cracking open some fresh new paint this arvo.

Thanks for dropping in - welcome back or just welcome!

I'm looking for some inspiring new mixed media artist blogs too so if you are into mixed media art or have a fave mixed media artist I might not know I would love you to share some links or pics with me! Please and thanks - Kimxx


  1. Hello Kim .. welcome back to the world of blog ... wishing you all the best in your next exciting step.. loving your painted face & lookinf forward to seeing more ... xx

  2. Wow Kim your new chapter sounds exciting and I wish you all the very best with the next steps! I love your face painting, so arty and yes an American Indian feel to it! Enjoy the journey where ever it might take you!

  3. Hello again Kim and welcome back to blogland! We have certainly missed you and your gorgeous scrapbooking but it sounds like you were having some great adventures. So exciting!! I love the direction your art has taken .. you obviously do enjoy it .. it shows!! Wishing you all the best with whatever direction your art and life journey will take you and looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous paintings!! Looooveee this one!! xx

  4. Wow Kim - I love that you're following your instincts and going with what feels right. You are such an amazingly talented artist. You could turn your hand to anything. The fact that I kept following you for the last 8 months when I have seriously culled the people I follow says it all about what I think of your incredible work. Looking forward to sharing the next stage of your creative journey. And good luck with the change of lifestyle!

  5. Oh my goodness, you are such an amazing bunch of ladies and I adore you all! I couldn't have asked for a better welcome back. Thankyou, I am truly humbled xx

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